Monday, April 5, 2010

Step - 8 Completed

Hi Everyone,

I know it has been a while.  As I had previously mentioned I was focusing all my time on searching for a job.  Well the effort has paid off.  I found a job and since finding it I have interviewed for another job (more money) and I am expecting to get the second job soon.

Although I did not have time to post about it, I was still keeping my head down as I was out and about.  I managed to find 12 cents during this time.  Most was found at, you guessed it, the local Quick Check, I also found some at the supermarket, the mall by my new job, and the ice skating rink where my daughter skates.  I found these 1 penny at a time.  This brings me through Step 8 and into Step 9 with a total stake of $1.31.

To summarize:

Current Step: 9

Total Stake: $1.31 Total Surplus: $.22

Amount required to complete step $1.25

Until Next Time...

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