Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Step - 9 Update: My Biggest Find So Far

Hi Everyone,

It is a beautiful, sunny, warm day here in NJ and things are starting to come together for me.  I received a message earlier that I have gotten the second job I applied to, so that means more money coming in.  This is much needed as I had to dip into my savings while I was out of work in order to pay the bills.

I also found my biggest doubling find so far while I was out at lunch.  I found 36 cents near a bench outside the mall near to where I am working.  I have added it to my stake.

I am starting to get excited as pretty soon there will be enough stake money available to purhase something to re-sell.  Which means I will not have to rely soley on finding change on the ground.

To summarize:

Current Step: 9

Total Stake: $1.67 Total Surplus: $.22

Amount required to complete step $.89

Anyway, I hope all of your doubling efforts are going well!!

Until Next Time...

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